EOCP Training Registry Fees Schedule
The EOCP Training Registry (TR) is a conduit for training.  It creates an online environment to help those in need of training find & contact potential Training Organizations and Instructors.

The EOCP will not be involved in any financial arrangement between a Training Organization or Instructor & a Training Purchaser.
The following fees are based on the practical necessity that the TR runs on a cost recovery basis.
Application Fees
1. Instructor
2. Training Institution & Training Organization
3. Course Review (A course application new to the TR)
4. Special Event (Conference, etc.)
Application for Recognition of the Presenters is not required.
5. Add Instructor to Existing Course
(With Course Owner's Approval)
6. Changes to Applications:
  • Minor - i.e. contact info (tel. no., email)
  • Major changes to instructor or course info

No charge
Full fee
CEU Tracking Fees
1. CEU Tracking Fee - Sent by instructor to EOCP with course evaluation forms
(Minimum total CEU Tracking Fee $20)
1. Request for an appeal of any decision
It is expected and encouraged that courses undergo minor modifications to keep them up-to-date and effective teaching tools.  Thus no fee will be charged for minor changes.

However, if the course length is adjusted, learning objectives changed and/or significant content is changed an application must be submitted to ensure that proper allocation of CEUs and evaluation sheets are appropriate.  After a 5 year period, a renewal is required to confirm and up-date records.
5 years
Course Review (New Course to TR)
5 years
Add Instructor to Existing Course
(With Course Owner's Approval)
Training Organization
The above schedule of fees is subject to change as approved by the Board of Directors of EOCP from time to time and are subject to applicable federal and provincial taxes.