EOCP Training Registry
This TR is your meeting place!  

The TR is a conduit for all our EOCP members who want to do any of these:

Get Training
1. Get Training
Give Training
2. Give Training
Grow Career
3. Grow Career

This webpage helps you match your needs with the TR Tools for each of these 3 areas. Click on the graphics above to move quickly to the right spot on this page!


1. Get Training

Whether you're an operator or employer the TR has tools for your needs!

Operators -
Looking for
TR Tools Employers -
Seeking to
  • CE Recognized training to match your career needs
  • Retain Operators through applicable training
  • CE Recognized Instructors in your area
  • Approach Recognized Instructors in your area
  • Check for shared training
  • Share training resource costs with other groups


2. Give Training

If you are thinking about becoming a CEU Recognized Instructor you’ll find lots of tools to help you in the TR including examples in the application forms. Training Organizations can also find info you need including having conferences and seminars CEU recognized.

Potential Instructors - Look to TR Tools Training Providers -
Seek to
  • Find out about qualifying to be a Recognized Instructor
  • See how Instructors can be EOCP Recognized
  • Get help with gathering info needed for the Instructor form
  • Identify info needed to complete Instructor form
  • Get help to complete the Course application form
  • Find out what info is needed for Course form
  • Build a course that can be EOCP Recognized
  • Check examples of EOCP guidelines for a course
  • Save time using EOCP templates
  • Save time using EOCP templates
  • Let others know of your services
  • Benefit from marketing of CEU recognized sessions


3. Grow Career Information

If you are interested in entering the Industry, look for information in this part of the TR. If you already work in water and/or wastewater, there is also information about what possibilities may be open to you!

Getting Started TR Tools Next Steps
  • Look at why this career may be a match for you
  • See if you missed anything when starting
  • See what may be ahead after you enter the Industry
  • Check out what your next career steps might be
  • Find out about Getting Certifications
  • Learn about Certification Pathways
  • Look at Possible Jobs
  • See Job Postings


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