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Career path possibilities  

No two days are alike for Water or Wastewater Operators. - Just as the jobs have a variety of activities, job titles vary between places.  As well, if you talk to Operators, it’s amazing the different ways they became one and how they moved into a variety of jobs.

To give you ideas about choosing your steps – check out the pool of Operators’ stories by clicking links below.

Our Pool of People and Possibilities

Clint Bostock - Flusher Truck Operator Our pool of people and possibilities
Shantelle Clarke - Operations Manager
Don Gare - Utilities Supervisor
Graeme Faris  - Consultant
Mike Gosselin  - WWT Supervisor
Jock Hawkey - Lab Owner - Retired
Jason Perrault - Operator II
Sheryl Hunt - Chief Operator
Eric Jackson - Consultant
Kent Keiver - Lead Hand Pipefitter
Scott Lee - Water Operations Manager
Sandy Mackenzie - Plant Superintendent
Cid McLean - Senior Operator
Greg Mealing - Infrastructure Operator
Russ Megas - Utilities Systems Foreman
Mike Skulsky - Consultant
Edward Errol Smyth - Consultant
Brian Thorburn - Senior Plant Operator
James Tomma - Water Operator

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